Career Sexist Donald Trump Says His Insults Toward Women Were 'Entertainment'

Donald Trump says his long history of insulting women was for "entertainment"

Donald Trump, who has repeatedly shamed women's bodies, compared them to animals, and gone out of his way to be degrading (not to mention has plans that would be harmful to women and families) has said that all of these comments were just for "entertainment." During an interview with KSNV in Las Vegas Wednesday, Trump attempted to brush off his pattern of sexism, holding himself up as a paragon of respecting women.

Trump did the interview prior to his rally at the Henderson Pavilion, which KSNV reported was a packed house. In the brief interview, reporter Jim Snyder raised the issue of Trump's history of making sexist comments. "You have two beautiful daughters past their teenage years," Snyder said. "Can you understand the concern from parents of younger girls that some of your comments could be hurtful to girls struggling with body image and the pressure to be model perfect?"

Trump said: "A lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment. There's nobody that has more respect for women than I do." 

Well so long as his decades of sexist behavior, which has in no way toned down since he started his campaign for the presidency, was just for a little chuckle. 

Snyder then asked Trump, "Are you trying to tone it down now?"

Trump answered: "It's not a question of trying. It's very easy."

During the interview, Snyder also asked Trump about the possibility of nuclear waste storage in Nevada, a question Trump didn't provide an answer for but said he'd have an answer the next time he and Snyder spoke. While Trump wasn't prepared to speak about an issue important to the state, he was of course able to plug his hotel, "I'm very friendly with this area. I have the hotel here."

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