Video Shows Tiger Saving Unsuspecting Man from Sneaky Leopard Attack

Viral video shows a tiger stepping in to save a man from a leopard attack.

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For once man’s best friend wasn’t a dog, it was a tiger. Animal handler Eduardo Serio was saved from a leopard attack when a tiger intervened in a video that has resurfaced since being posted on Reddit and gone viral with over three million views.

The video was uploaded by Serio in October 2015 with the title "The Kids Playing. Aztlan Saved Me From Dharma's Attack :)." By "kids," Serio’s referring to the six fierce felines (though seemingly docile here) he appears with in the video before the attempted attack. Serio was petting a lion when Dharma the leopard began charging at his back, only to have Aztlan the tiger jump to action, pushing Dharma to the ground as Serio turns around and sees what's happening.

Dharma ends up getting a slap on the paw and a stern "No claws!" in Spanish from Sergio, who then thanks Aztlan by patting it. Serio says to onlookers who are recording the incident and \heard warning him of the oncoming leopard in the video, "This guy was hunting me, and this one attacked it" in Spanish.

Aztlan and Dharma are two of the reported 210 big cats Serio takes care of at the sanctuary for the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City started by Serio after he saved a black jaguar.

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