Suspect in JonBénet Ramsey Murder Case Charged With Child Porn

A suspect in the JonBénet Ramsey murder case has been charged with child porn.

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A suspect in the still unsolved murder case of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBénet Ramsey has been charged with possession of child pornography reported the Daily Camera. In April it was announced CBS was creating a crime series on the Ramsey case with its release expected to coincide with the murder's 20th anniversary.

According to the Daily Camera, police arrested 52-year-old Gary Howard Oliva in Boulder Friday. Citing an affidavit for Oliva's arrest Daily Camerareported Oliva uploaded at least 20 graphic images of children to a Google email address. Investigators said some of the graphic images featured a girl between four and seven years old and a man whose face isn't shown.

On Tuesday, Oliva was charged with two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a child and sexual exploitation of a child at the Boulder County Jail.

Previously, Olivia did time in prison for assaulting a 7-year-old girl reported the Daily Camera.

Oliva was a suspect in the Dec. 25, 1996 murder of Ramsey being identified by CBS' 48 Hours Investigates 2002 special as a then 38-year-old convicted and registered sex offender. He was reportedly thought to be close to the Ramsey home the night JonBénet was killed.

In the 48 Hours interview with Oliva in jail he said he didn't hurt or kill Ramsey.

The case remains open with City of Boulder spokesperson Sarah Huntley telling the Daily Camera, "We're currently not comfortable ruling anybody out as a suspect, or ruling anybody in as a suspect, in the Ramsey case."

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