Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Lock Down North Dakota State Capitol, 14 Arrested

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline leave 14 arrested, North Dakota State Capitol on lockdown.

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Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protests at North Dakota’s State Capitol Thursday saw at least 14 people arrested and the State Capitol on lockdown. Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have become increasingly more visible because of the efforts of protesters and celebrity supporters like Shailene Woodley, who was arrested for protesting the pipeline, and Chris Hemsworth, who joined other celebrities recently when he publicly supported the protests.

KFYR-TV reported 14 protesters participating in a sit-in were arrested for disorderly conduct in the State Capitol’s Judicial Wing. The protesters were trying to speak to Gov. Jack Dalrymple. The North Dakota Highway Patrol confirmed that the State Capitol grounds were put on lockdown at around 4:15 p.m. because of protest activity.

Approximately 50 protesters, including the 14 arrested during the sit-in and several clergy members, reportedly traveled from Standing Rock to the Capitol Grounds to sing and pray. When protesters were told Dalrymple wasn’t available, they marched on the Capitol Grounds.

Group doing prayer on #NorthDakota Capitol lawn pic.twitter.com/sEWsOKKdnD
Clergy and protesters doing lap around state Capitol #NDPol #DAPL #NorthDakota pic.twitter.com/TWEvQm0FtF

Bismarck Tribune’s Nick Smith reported protester arrests have included passive resistance like not walking when being arrested.

The oil pipeline would destroy the sacred ground of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. On Monday, over one million people checked in at Standing Rock on Facebook in an attempt to confuse local authorities who were said to be checking the social network to track who was at the site.

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