News Reporter Catches Her Tooth After it Falls Out On-Air

After a clip of the incident started circulating on social media, the news anchor explained that her daughter accidentally knocked the tooth out ten years ago.

anchor tooth

Image via Getty/simonkr

anchor tooth

A Ukrainian news anchor didn’t even flinch when a tooth fell out of her mouth while she was on air. She even caught the tooth.

The reporter, Marichka Padalko shared a clip of the incident on Instagram, which was broadcasted live on the TSN news channel. “This is probably my most curious experience in twenty years as a presenter. Live broadcasting is wonderful because it is always unpredictable,” she wrote in her post, per NBC New York. As the tooth fell out, she kept reading the news and didn’t miss a beat.

She also wrote that one of her co-workers “wrote to me, saying, ‘You reacted as if you were losing your teeth every day.’”

Padalko informed everyone that her tooth came out because around a decade ago, her daughter accidentally knocked it out with an alarm clock. The reporter also said that she didn’t think anyone would have noticed it was happening.

“Honestly, I thought the incident would go unnoticed. This episode was deliberately not posted on the TSN YouTube channel," she wrote, saying that the clip began spreading on social media. "But we underestimated the attention of our viewers.”

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