A ‘Karen’ in Phoenix Got Slapped in the Face at a Gas Station for Racist Rant (UPDATE)

A racist woman in Phoenix was slapped across the face after telling a Native American woman to go back to her country, which the racist woman said was Mexico.

UPDATED 6/10, 10:50 a.m. ET: The woman who slapped the so-called "Karen" told TMZ that she considered calling the police, but worried they would side with the white woman. Karina Rodriguez also found out that the woman, whose real name is Tamara Harrian, also has a husband who's a lawyer. But as TMZ reports, Harrian's husband has sided with Rodriguez. According to him, his wife is battling mental illness. 

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People are fighting back against the “Karens” of the world.

A Karen in Phoenix, Arizona got slapped across the face for being racist. The incident happened at a gas station on Saturday, where the middle-aged white woman walked into the store in a huff since her pump apparently wasn’t working. The woman became even more mad when the clerk was helping a younger woman check-out at the counter.

According to TMZ, Greg Conn, the guy recording the video called her a Karen before the video begins. In the footage, Conn also says that she told the younger woman to go back to her country. The Karen then identifies herself as the manager and orders the clerk not to serve the woman. The younger woman says she's Native American and she was born in this country; however, Karen clearly isn't even listening because she later tells her to go back to Mexico. "Don't serve her racist ass," the younger woman says. 

The argument heats up, with the younger woman slapping Karen in the face after Karen gets handsy. Karen leaves, still visibly upset.

The convenience store told TMZ that the woman doesn’t work at the shop and can no longer patronize any of their nationwide locations.

While we’ve seen plenty of incidents with “Karens,” it looks like many find it refreshing that this one got what was coming to her. Apparently the internet has also already found out that she works at a law firm—reportedly her husband's—and has spammed them with negative comments.

DON’T BE LIKE KAREN. https://t.co/cfs7JWdokh

— mixedstardust_II🐍🏁 (@mixedstardustII) June 7, 2020

I’m not a violent person by any means, nor do I advocate for it...but...seeing this racist Karen in Phoenix get SLAPPED after telling a Native American woman to “go back” to her country was refreshing. More so than Savasana (yoga). pic.twitter.com/FCf1ORrcDx

— Rita (@esquireswag) June 8, 2020

This occurred at 7th Street and Greenway Rd., in Phoenix, AZ.

Please share widely, and help identify the racist in this video.

I'm sick of being told to go back to Mexico.@sethmeyers#racist #gobacktomexico #karen #gobacktoyourcountry #racistkaren #immigrantabuse pic.twitter.com/MYaPnZ1atn

— Carlos Galindo (@carlosgalindo) June 7, 2020

This is apparently in Phoenix AZ. Arizona is a hugeeee melting pot. Especially Phoenix. We have everything around here.

GTFO of here with your racist ass shit Karen.

I hold my head high in the fact that AZ at least the part I grew up in. Tempe/chandler. We back everyone. https://t.co/bZs6RRDaiX

— Rikar (@Rikar___) June 7, 2020

I googled the Phoenix Karen that got rightfully slapped and it looks like the internet already took care of her husband’s law firm’s google profile. (She works at that law firm.) pic.twitter.com/MaTgJcqoeb

— Mike Vigil (@protectedpick) June 8, 2020

I’m dead 😂😂 You know the Pheonix “Karen” who was harassing a young women and told her to go back to her country. Well turns out she owns a law firm. I went to read the reviews and I’m done 🤣 #Phoenixkaren pic.twitter.com/5XE78tsCE0

— Lina (@linaa_b2) June 8, 2020

Screaming cause dude know his girl crazy af 💀 pic.twitter.com/MXtcVKBwyg

— Shak.eth👾 (@NumbThePain) June 7, 2020

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