Keith Lee Ranks His Favorite Food Cities, New Orleans Grabs No. 1 Spot

The food influencer kicked off his Keith Lee and Family food tour this summer, visiting eight cities.

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Keith Lee has revealed his top city from his five-month Keith Lee and Family food tour.

In a new TikTok, the influencer shared that, among eight cities, New Orleans came in at number one. 

“In my opinion, what set New Orleans apart—not by much…was the customer service. Everywhere we went, we felt like family. I’m talking about it felt like I was just going to my cousin house. It didn’t feel like I was going to a restaurant, it didn’t feel like I was going to an establishment,” He explained. “I left 15 pounds heavier. That is not an exaggeration. And would I do it again? Absolutely.”

He added, in text overlaid on the video, “Everything was so rich in culture and different than than anywhere I’ve been.”


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He ranked Houston as his second favorite food city from his tour. “Speaking of almost every spot that we went to being delicious, Houston was one of those places,” Lee said.

His list was rounded out by six other cities, with Chicago at No. 3, Las Vegas at No. 4, Los Angeles at No. 5, Detroit at No. 6, New York at No. 7, and Atlanta at No. 8.

Lee also recently appeared on Complex's 360 with Speedy, which you can watch below. In the discussion, he talked about ordering the infamous chopped cheese and more.


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