Man Arrested After Stealing Multiple Cars in Hours-Long Police Chase

Authorities say 26-year-old Tyler Harding is now facing a slew of criminal charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle and second-degree burglary.

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A Texas man was arrested this week after leading police on a two-hour car chase that ended with a crash.

According to WOSC 7, the pursuit began Wednesday morning after North Carolina officers received a report about a stolen vehicle. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department began monitoring the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Tyler Harding, who was seen abandoning the stolen Jeep and getting into a stolen pickup truck with his sister, 28-year-old Christa Harding. The siblings allegedly drove to South Carolina, where the Lancaster County sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop him.

Law enforcement says Tyler Harding then drove the truck back to North Carolina, before he crashed it in a Walmart parking lot. He then allegedly got out of the truck and carjacked a nearby Toyota Corolla. His sister reportedly stayed behind and was immediately taken into custody.

Tyler Harding allegedly drove the car around the city, reaching high rates of speed. Police say the man was becoming reckless, as he traveled on the wrong side the road, drove on sidewalks, and sped through retail parking lots. After crashing the Toyota on Johnston Road in Charlotte, he stole an Infinity SUV. Officers said it was at that time they decided to pursue the suspect, as they weren’t sure if he had stolen the vehicle with someone inside.

“At that time officers were justified in pursing, based on CMPD policy due to the felony hit and run crash, the attempted carjacking, and the fact that it was unknown whether any passengers were inside the black Infinity,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said in a statement.

At around 1:30, Tyler Harding allegedly crashed the SUV into another car at the intersection of South and East Boulevards. He then exited the vehicle with his hands up and surrendered to police.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the man was charged with vehicle larceny; breaking into a vehicle; felony hit and run causing serious injury/death; fleeing/eluding arrest with a vehicle; possession of a stolen vehicle; second-degree burglary; misdemeanor vehicle larceny; and misdemeanor larceny. His sister was reportedly charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

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