Plane Crashes Into Residence, Killing Everyone on Board

The deadly crash took place shortly before 7 p.m. Friday in 6:50 p.m. in Keene, New Hampshire. Officials say two people were on the aircraft.

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Occupants of a single-engine aircraft were killed on Friday after it crashed into a New Hampshire home.

According to NBC News, the tragedy took place at around 7 p.m., shortly after the plane departed from the Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport. Authorities in the City of Keene said the aircraft hit a two-story, four-unit apartment building that housed eight people. Mayor George Hansel told reporters it was “fortunate” that no one on the ground was injured; however, he confirmed the two individuals on the plane “perished” in the fiery crash. The victims’ names have yet to be released.

“I want to first and foremost express the city of Keene’s sympathies to the family members of those who passed away,” Hansel said during a Saturday conference. “I also want to, right off the bat, thank our first-responders … They did an exceptional job at getting this emergency under control quickly last night. And I’m certain their efforts contributed to no further loss of life or injuries, other than those who were on the plane.”

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash alongside the National Transportation Safety Board.

Scott Gauthier, who lives in the apartment, told NBC10 Boston that he heard a loud noise and felt the building shaking right before his mom began shouting.

“The whole building shook and then my mother went out to check on what was going on and she started screaming, ‘Get out of the house.’” he recalled. “You could feel the flames off the building … I grabbed some clothes and ran out, and as soon as I ran out, the whole barn area was already engulfed.”

Authorities say the residence of the apartment have been displaced and were receiving assistance from the Red Cross.

“Our Disaster Action Team is mobilizing, and we are waiting to hear more what specifically the community needs from us,” the organization said in a statement.

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