Man Banned From Disney Parks After Found Camping on Discovery Island

Orange County officers found 43-year-old Richard McGuire camping on Discovery Island, which has remained abandoned for two decades.

Disney World

Image via Getty/Alex Menendez

Disney World

An Alabama man was arrested Thursday after allegedly trespassing on Walt Disney World property.

According to USA Today, Orange County officers found 43-year-old Richard McGuire camping on Discovery Island, which has remained abandoned for two decades. Authorities reportedly searched the theme park by foot, boat, and helicopter before they discovered McGuire sleeping in one of the island's buildings.

Though police say multiple signs indicated the area was private property, the man told officer Robert Ricks he was "unaware" that he was trespassing.

"Richard stated that he had made entry to the island to go camping on Monday or Tuesday and had planned on staying on the island for approximately one week," Ricks wrote in the police report.

McGuire was arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing on posted property. He was also reportedly banned from all Disney World properties, which have remained closed since March as part of the nationwide coronavirus lockdowns.

According to CNBC, The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force is looking to reopen the region's theme parks in June with a two-phase plan. The first phase would allow Disney World to reopen at 50 percent capacity, while the second phase would cap attendance at 75 percent. As part of the reopening plan, all theme park staff would be required to wear face masks and have their temperatures checked before beginning their shifts. Any workers with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be prohibited from working.

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