Watch Joe Biden and the Jonas Brothers Take on the 'Joe Byron' TikTok Trend

The brothers recorded the clip during a recent visit to the White House. After they lip-sync TJ's most popular catchphrases, President Joe Biden makes a cameo.

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press

Image via Getty/Scott Olson

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press

The “Joe Byron” trend has made its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

During a recent visit to the White House, the Jonas Brothers took some time to film a presidential version of the TikTok craze, inspired by the popular YouTube channel Sidetalk. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are seen hanging out in the first family’s home while lip-syncing with audio clips from the viral street-interview series, including “Bing Bong.” and “Are you vaccinated? Yessir!”

We go on to see Nick lip-dub, “Who’s the president, man? Who’s the president?” to which his brothers reply, “Byron!” 

The clip was taken from a Sidetalk video where a Coney Island man completely butchered the president’s surname. Though the original video was shared back in spring, the “Byron” clip has inspired countless TikTok videos over the last several weeks. 

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Joe goes on to ask, “What do you want to tell Joe Biden right now?” 

“What’s up, baby!?” Kevin says, before Nick finishes the rest of the quote: “Take me out to dinner.”

At the end of the video, Kevin breaks character and asks, “Did we get it?”

The camera than pans to President Biden holding up his camera phone.

“We got it,” POTUS said with a grin.

You can check out the video below.

The Jonas brothers were reportedly in Washington, D.C., this week to film the holiday special, In Performance at the White House. The event was shot from last Saturday to Tuesday, and is scheduled to air Dec. 21 on PBS.

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