4 People Arrested After Group of Robbers Hits L.A. Home Depot

L.A. authorities are investigating a "flash mob" robbery that took place Friday at a Home Depot. The thieves reportedly walked away with $400 worth of goods.

A Home Depot sign stands outside a store on August 17, 2021

Image via Getty/Alex Wong

A Home Depot sign stands outside a store on August 17, 2021

Police arrested four individuals who may have been involved in a Friday night smash-and-grab at a Home Depot.

According to Los Angeles CBS, Beverly Hills police officers took the suspects into custody after receiving reports about several vehicles driving without license plates. Authorities have not explained why they believe the four individuals were connected to the Friday robbery.

“We’re currently working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to see if there is a link to the Lakewood Home Depot incident or any other crimes that have been committed,” BHPD Sgt. Jeff Newman said.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a group of approximately eight masked men entered a Lakewood Home Depot at around 7:45 p.m. on Black Friday and began ransacking shelves. The suspects reportedly stole $400 worth of tools, including everything from sledgehammers to crowbars to wrenches.

Employees said the mob was much larger than what the police reported, claiming around 20 young males ages 15 to 20 pulled up in 10 vehicles before carrying out the robbery. 

“We tried to stop them,” store employee Luis Romo told Fox 11. “We closed the front entrance and they put their sledgehammers up and whoever got in the way, they were going to hurt them.” 

Cellphone footage showed the suspects exiting through the front doors.

The robbery took place two days after a group of thieves targeted a Nordstrom department store in L.A.’s Fairfax District. ABC 7 reports the suspects were seen attacking a security guard before fleeing with $25,000 worth of luxury items, including seven to eight designer purses.

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