Apple Leak Suggests iPhone XI Could Receive Significant Redesign

Insiders say Apple will drop the device in September.

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Apple investors need a boost of confidence.

Company shares tanked about 15 percent last week, when it cut its fiscal first-quarter revenue forecast from $89-$93 billion to $84 billion. Apple CEO Tim Cook blamed the downgrade on several factors, including the battery replacement program's effect on iPhone demand. The tech giant is now under pressure to revive waning smartphone sales and regain the momentum it had lost in 2018.

And what better way to do this than by dropping a game-changing model. 

Earlier this week, tech insider Steve Hemmerstoffer shared leaked design renderings of the iPhone XI. Though the image only shows the back of the device, the purported changes have already generated substantial buzz.

As you can see above, the iPhone will feature three rear camera lenses next to a flash and what appears to be a microphone. The camera set-up is similar to the one seen on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the Galaxy A7; however the XI lenses are placed triangularly rather than vertically. Though some customers have called the asymmetrical set-up "ugly," Digit notes that these details are based off early renderings and that final model could look much different, as it's still in the Engineering Validation Test stage.

Digit further reports the leaked images seem to support the rumors that Apple will adopt ToF—or "time of flight"—technology, which will allow the iPhone to render advanced 3D detailed maps. The three-lens setup could also expand the iPhone's AR and VR capabilities. The outlet reports that the XI will hit shelves in September, and will be one of three iPhone model launches; sources say there will be two high-end versions and a low-end alternative. 

While we wait for more details about the iPhone XI, you can get a closer look at the leaked renderings in the video above. 

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