Proof Donald Trump Is an Alien Warlord: Someone Replaced His Eyes With His Mouth and He Looks the Same

He looks the same.

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Donald Trump has said plenty of things to make us question his humanity: that terrorists should be shot with bullets covered in pig's blood, for instance, or that Muslims should be barred from entering the United States, or that he could shoot someone and still win the Republican nomination. (For the record, Noam Chomsky has come out and said Republicans are literally a threat to humanity.) But we're never seen definitive proof that Trump is inhuman. That is, until Twitter user @recordsANDradio asked a simple question: What would happen if someone were to replace Donald Trump's eyes with his mouth? The results, as you can see, are horrifying: 

No one is sure whether this is a medical condition or proof Trump is actually an alien warlord come to wreak havoc on Earth. But @recordsANDradio's Photoshop job is just one of many glorious, glorious variations:

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No doubt such memes will be banned under President Trump, but until November we can look and laugh and pretend we're not all doomed.

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