Uber's Latest Lost and Found List Includes Bizarre Items Such as a Lightsaber, Fog Machine, Dentures, and More

Uber's annual Lost & Found Index includes an assortment of bizarre items, including a lightsaber, fog machine, and a Danny DeVito Christmas card.

Uber ride-sharing app via Getty Images

Image via Getty

Uber ride-sharing app via Getty Images

Uber has published its annual Lost & Found Index, which lists an assortment of items that passengers of the ride-sharing app have left behind over the past year. 

The 2023 Uber Lost & Found Index is highlighted by 50 of the most unique items left in a vehicle, which includes personal belongings such as a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a remote-control vibrator, a bottle of Britney Spears “Fantasy” perfume, a lightsaber, and 16 ounces of fake blood. 

“But as always, riders have been leaving their unique (and sometimes quite unusual!) items behind, too. This year, we saw folks forget everything from a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, to a fog machine, to six cheese cakes,” Uber stated. 

Among the many trends Uber driver observed this year is a significant increase in Disney and Harry Potter merchandise.

“Forget finding Dory, Disney and Harry Potter fans need to find their belongings!” Uber shared. “This year we saw a significant spike in lost Disney and Harry Potter items, especially Minnie ears, lightsabers, Disney Magic Bands and of course, magic wands!”

In addition, the 10 most-commonly forgotten items are as follows: clothing, phones, backpacks, wallets, headphones, jewelry, keys, books, laptops, and watches. Meanwhile, the top 10 most forgetful cities are Jacksonville, San Antonio, Palm Springs, Houston, Salt Lake City, Miami, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and St. Louis. 

You can read Uber’s Lost & Found Index in its entirety here.

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