Dollar Tree has removed eggs from its shelves amid a price hike that’s seen the cost of the breakfast staple skyrocket over the past few months.

CNN reports the discount chain, which in 2021 started selling fresh groceries at more than 1,300 of its 17,000 locations, is no longer selling eggs in its stores.

“Our primary price point at Dollar Tree is $1.25. The cost of eggs is currently very high,” Dollar Tree spokesperson Randy Guiler told the outlet, adding that the U.S. retailer would bring eggs back once “costs are more in line with historical levels.”

According to CNN, producers saw egg prices rise 55% over the past year, as the average price for a dozen Grade A large eggs went for $4.21 in February. While February’s prices are down from $4.82 in January, the increase is still notable, as eggs were priced at $2 a cartoon in February 2022.

Back in September 2021, Dollar Tree began selling items priced at $1.25 and $1.50 at some locations for the first time. Additionally, the company added items to its inventory that are priced at $3 and $5.

“For decades, our customers have enjoyed the ‘thrill-of-the-hunt’ for value at one dollar – and we remain committed to that core proposition – but many are telling us that they also want a broader product assortment when they come to shop,” President and CEO Michael Witynski said in a statement at the time.