Video Shows Sneaky Thief Cleverly Hide Under a Garbage Bag to Steal a Package in California

Surveillance footage from a home in Sacramento captured a thief pretend to be a bag of trash.

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Earlier this month, a thief concealed themselves in a trash bag in an attempt to steal a package from the porch of a Sacramento home.

ABC 10 reports the incident took place in the Glenwood Meadows neighborhood of North Sacramento last Friday. Homeowner Omar Munoz captured the attempted robbery with his surveillance system, which featured someone hiding under a garbage bag while trying to steal a package that was left at his front door.

"You see the bag coming to my door," Munoz told the outlet. "At first, I thought they were messing with me."

A thief disguised as a trash bag steals package 🗑️📦

— Complex (@Complex) April 5, 2024
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Fortunately, Munoz was able to find humor in the bizarre situation, as the item wasn't very expensive.

"At first, I was kind of angry because it was something I was expecting," he shared. "But at the end of the day, it was kind of funny. I take everything in the good way because that’s part of life. If you see the bad way of everything, you’re going nowhere."

Munoz later told Fox News that he hasn't reported the incident to police, as the items stolen were two phone chargers that only cost about $10.

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