PROMO: McDonald’s Kicks It Old School With Its Snac ‘N Play ComplexCon Experience

Life is a playground, at any age.

Growing up, going to McDonald’s was a treat for any kid. At select Mickey D’s locations, there was also an added bonus to go along with Happy Meals—the McDonald’s indoor playground. In addition to staples like Chicken McNuggets and World Famous Fries, youngins got to enjoy ball pits and slides.

At this year’s ComplexCon, Mickey D’s invited guests to unleash their inner child with its Snac ‘N Play playground experience. The ball pit and slide were still there, of course, but there were other fun features as well, including air hockey tables, swing sets, tricycle races, a foam joust pit, and even an electronic claw grab machine where, instead of trying to snag toys, guests tried to grab sneakers that could be customized on site.

Of course, no McDonald’s experience would be complete without some savory treats. Guests were able to snack on a number of different menu items, like the new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders and World Famous Fries. There was also the grown-up feature of an open bar and even a special performance by Vic Mensa. The Snac ‘N Play installation brought out a number of special guests, including Kelis, Jordan Fisher, Sonny Digital, and 24hrs. It was definitely one of the most talked about events of the weekend.

You can get a look at all the McDonald’s Snac ‘N Play action from ComplexCon in the video above.

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