Burger King Thailand Introduces Burger With Unlimited Patties, Food Influencer Orders 100

The launch of the burger comes weeks after the Thai version of the chain launched a burger containing 20 slices of American cheese and no meat.

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Following the launch of Burger King Thailand's cheesy monstrosity earlier this month, the fast food chain is now launching a burger that allows customers to add as many beef patties as they want.

“The Have It Your Way of meat lovers,” a Facebook post from the chain reads, announcing the ridiculous new burger known as the Real Meat Burger. With three patties and nothing else, the burger retails for 339 baht, which is roughly $9.88 USD. While that doesn't seem too crazy, customers can add another patty to the burger for 100 baht. In theory, customers can add as many patties as they want to the burger, so long as they don't add onion, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, or sauce to the burger.

Per Today, Facebook food blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate put the theory to the test by deciding to order a version of the burger with 100 patties. “Hello everyone, today I’m at Burger King. I’m here because I really want to know what a burger with 100 pieces of meat will look like,” he said.

The 100 patty behemoth cost him 10,039 baht, which is roughly $290. Ultimately, he was unable to eat the whole burger, but if he did he probably wouldn't live to tell the tale, anyway.

The launch of the burger follows Burger King Thailand's "Real Cheeseburger," which does have any meat but does have 20 slices of American cheese. The burger appeared to be popular enough with customers, and those curious enough about its mere existence, that the chain shared a mock-up of several other takes on the burger featuring a ludicrous amount of a single ingredient.

These included "the Real Pickle Burger," "the Real Tomato Burger," and perhaps most amusingly, "the Real Bun Burger."

One of the joke items the chain posted about was "the Real Meat Burger," which fans rallied behind to get made. Well, here it is, we hope you're happy with what you have wrought.

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