Burger King Thailand’s ‘Real Cheeseburger’ Features 20 Slices of American Cheese and No Meat

The cheese-only cheeseburger is popular amongst young Thai people.

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Burger King’s latest dish in Thailand has become an internet sensation.

This week saw the debut of what the fast food chain calls the “real cheeseburger,” a burger that doesn’t have any meat and instead has an insane amount of cheese—20 slices of American cheese, that is, CNN reports.

Customers in Thailand saw the new menu item on Sunday, which costs 109 Thai baht, or $3.13, rather than the regular price of 380 baht, or $10.93. Patrons flocked to Burger King to buy the sandwich and post about it online.


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“This is no joke. This is for real,” Burger King wrote in a post on Facebook.

The sandwich seems to be bespoke to the Thailand market. According to CNN, cheese is a favorite with younger buyers, so having cheese on any number of dishes is typical. Burger Kings in the country also sell items such as salmon katsu burgers, a healthy substitute for beef.

While Burger King Thailand is promoting its “real cheeseburger,” Burger King in America is boosting its Whopper, the chain’s flame-grilled signature beef burger. In May, the fast food joint celebrated the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with a themed menu, featuring a Whopper with a red bun. 

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Burger King Thailand is owned by Minor International, one of Asia’s biggest restaurant owners, which also manages locations for brands like Dairy Queen and Benihana.

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