Two Beauty Influencers and a Boyfriend: A Viral Friendship Breakup Story

Beauty influencer Kelly Kim opened up a can of worms when she detailed why she ghosted a friend who gifted her boyfriend a sandwich.


Two TikTok creators have had their friendship breakup go viral after they shared conflicting stories of why they're no longer friends.

In a "Get Ready With Me" video shared on TikTok earlier this month, beauty influencer Kelly Kim mixed things up from her usual routine by sharing why she decided to ghost one of her friends. "I've never ever in my life had to cut out a person cold turkey, and I've never had to go through a friendship breakup," she began. "The day that she met my boyfriend, or like [a] couple days into it, she added him to her close friend [Instagram] Story and just started posting random TMIs [too much information) on her Stories. Like an attention trap, not even a thirst trap."

Kim added that her friend salaciously added him to her close friends on her Instagram Stories before she started dating her boyfriend. "But like, everyone knew that we were into each other," she continued. "She borrowed my boyfriend's hoodie when we were all over at his house 'cause she was cold. And then she took the hoodie home, which is fine. ... But she [continued] to wear that hoodie for the next two weeks and post all about it on social media."

Kim said that after the incident, her friend started to "randomly show her love for the brand that my boyfriend likes," despite apparently never talking about the brand in her life before. She accused her friend of "spending hours getting ready to see him" and telling a mutual friend that she "thinks he's cute." But the part that has gotten a lot of attention online, specifically, is Kim's accusation that she gifted her boyfriend a sandwich that he mentioned he liked.

"Honestly, I don't blame you, girl, my boyfriend is cute," she concluded. "I just hope you can find a new man to buy sandwiches for every morning."


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The story was already enough for it to go viral, but then it got a lot more attention after Kim's former friend Joanna Yeon Lee jumped in to offer her side of the story, which features many additional details.

“Let me clear up some misconceptions that people are having online about me,” Lee said in her response. "I don’t know if you saw the video yet, but there is a video about a girl talking about why she ghosted a friend and the reasons behind that and I am the friend that’s been ghosted.”

Lee said that she reached out "so many times" to Kim in an effort to find out why she was ghosted, but when she saw the video making their issues public she decided to offer up a rebuttal.

She brushed aside the "close friends" issue by stating that the feature doesn't "mean a lot" to her and she added a lot of people she met the night they went back to his house with other friends. “I’m just notorious for not not giving back hoodies and I am sorry," Lee added. As for what she called "the most iconic part of the story," the sandwich, she said it was a gift after he helped mount her TV.

“You and I both know that sandwich was an expression of my gratitude for mounting my TV," she said, adding that she lived with Kim at the time. She also didn't go out of her way to get the sandwich, which was apparently purchased from a bakery near where she works. "It was just a form of expression, I would have done this for anyone else." Ultimately, she's happy they're not friends anymore though, if she's going to ghost her other such trivial issues. "I respected that you had your own perspective on things but now that I know that this is the reason I am so glad that you’re not in my life anymore," she said.

After the virality of the story reached X, formerly Twitter, many were quick to offer their thoughts on the situation and deduced who they felt was in the right. Some were even able to track down the man in question, while others highlighted a previous TikTok video from Lee sporting what many assumed was the hoodie in question.

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