Video Shows Racist White Woman Verbally Assaulting Black Store Manager

The video, which shows the white woman verbally attacking the manager who kindly asks her to leave, has gone viral after being posted to TikTok.

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A video showing a white woman yelling at a Ross manager and calling her a “f*cking Black bitch” is going viral on TikTok, the Daily Dot reports.

The video, which shows the woman verbally attacking the manager who kindly asks her to leave, has earned over 650,000 likes in just two days since it was uploaded by user @maddens.mama. 

“Karen tests my sister 👋🏽 the MANAGER. seek help boo,” the original uploader wrote alongside the hashtags “Karen,” “Bye” and “Lol.”

The manager seemed to handle the situation pretty well, too. After the woman called her a “no good motherf*cking bitch,” she asked her to “please leave” and remained calm during the entire incident. It remains unclear what led to the moments that were recorded on camera.

“Oh I’m leaving,” the woman said as she collected things from her shopping cart. “You’re going to be leaving soon too, I promise you that.” 

As she walked out the door, she didn’t stop there. The shopper hurled racist slurs at the manager, calling her a a “fucking Black bitch.” She then reentered the store to continue shouting racist insults before exiting again. 

The manager ends things with an “OK, have a nice day,” and TikTokkers are commending her for how she handled the situation. Others, too, are wondering where the store’s security was to step in and help out. Check out the original upload below and see for yourself. 

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