Former Cop and Accomplice Charged With Impersonating Federal Officers, Holding People Against Will in Home Robbery

The two suspects, one of whom is a former police officer, are reported to have broken into a North Carolina home and stolen firearms, jewelry, and money.

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Two men have been charged with impersonating federal officers and holding seven people against their will in North Carolina. One of the suspects is an ex-police officer.

Former officer Freddie Wayne Huff II, 41, and Rahain Antoine Deriggs II, 27, whose name was shared by WXII 12, were arrested after the Winston-Salem Police Department responded to a May 28 robbery when two men reportedly broke into a home and stole firearms, jewelry, and money.

Seven people were inside the residence during the robbery, per the Dispatch

The two suspects were then identified, as the robbery was connected to a Davidson County location where all the stolen items were reportedly recovered following a search warrant

Huff, a Lexington resident, was charged with seven felony counts of kidnapping, felony robbery, and misdemeanor impersonating a law enforcement officer, WXII 12 reports.

Deriggs, who lives in Jacksonville, NC, was also hit with seven felony counts on the same charges. The charges resulted in $700,000 secured bond for Huff and $850,000 secured bond for Deriggs.

As noted by the Dispatch, Huff previously worked as a highway patrol trooper and Lexington police officer, and was fired after he sold state-issued shoes on eBay and reportedly lied during an interview.

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