NYC Transit Sparks Backlash for Admitting They Removed Benches 'to Prevent the Homeless From Sleeping on Them'

The official twitter account of the New York City subway admitted that benches were removed from stations to deter homeless people from sleeping on them.

Subway station

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Subway station

The average American is typically a lot closer to living on the streets than we’d like to admit. That’s been thrown into stark relief by the coronavirus pandemic, with many people losing what little they had and others experiencing long-term joblessness or food insecurity for the first time. In short, times are hard all over. So, it might just be the worst possible time to admit you’re taking actions to make life harder for the homeless.

That’s exactly what the official Twitter account of the NYC subway system just did. In a since-deleted tweet, a representative said matter-of-factly that several stations had their benches removed to keep homeless people from having a place to sleep.

Queens-based advocate Lauren Ashcraft caught the offending tweet and let the subway reps hear about it.

“A large proportion of New Yorkers are less than a paycheck away from losing their homes,” she wrote. "This is a truly heartbreaking thing to say to all of Twitter while so many are shivering in the freezing cold because they can’t afford rent."

Ashcraft wasn't alone in her anger as New Yorkers and others swarmed to voice their displeasure at the heartless move.

they just... tweeted it out

— Seth Thompson (@s3ththompson) February 6, 2021

Fucking monsters. The hatred this country has for the poor is boundless. Think not of only homeless people, but disabled, pregnant, elderly, small children, & just fucking tired people.

— Dwayne David Paul (@DwayneDavidPaul) February 6, 2021

the homelessness situation has been solved

— Wild Geerters (@steinkobbe) February 6, 2021

Will I get arrested for showing up with some benches from Lowes and bolting them in? Asking for a friend.

— Right Wing Cope (@RightWingCope) February 6, 2021

Let’s all channel our outrage about this tweet into outrage that in New York City, people are sleeping on the subways in the first place. @NYCMayor & @NYCDHS can and must open up private hotel rooms and housing for all unsheltered homeless New Yorkers.

— #HumanPlan (@humandotnyc) February 6, 2021

The NYC subway (@NYCTSubway) admitted to removing benches from stations “to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them”.

Now when they post about the N train being delayed the replies are just like “put the benches back dipshits” 100 times.

Good. Put the benches back, dipshits!

— (@Hoffm) February 6, 2021

Hi Jeremy you fucking idiot, benches weren’t removed due to budgetary concerns they were removed for purposes of evil :-)

— maple cocaine (@maplecocaine) February 6, 2021

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