Missing Florida Woman Rescued After Being Trapped Inside Storage Container for Days

How the woman got inside the unit is still under investigation.

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A missing Florida woman has been found alive trapped inside of a shipping container.

According to People, the Cocoa Police Department identified the woman as Marlene Lopez, 52, who was last seen at her home on Monday. A concerned co-worker called the police after she failed to pick up her son. Lopez was officially reported missing on Wednesday.

Through a statement on their Facebook page, local officials said she was “safely located” trapped inside of a shipping container just before noon on Thursday. Lopez had been banging on the door of the shipping container when someone heard her and unlocked it. How Lopez ended up in the shipping container is still under investigation.

Lopez did not appear to sustain any injuries and was taken to a hospital for evaluation and possible dehydration.

Tyler Sonnenberg, the owner of the shipping container, told CBS affiliate WKMG that the unit was stocked with lawnmowers and that he recalled seeing Lopez in the area on Monday. He locked the unit the following afternoon without hearing any noises from inside.

Sonnenberg also said he believes Lopez may have walked into the unit alone and “passed out.” He also claims to have found a lighter and a pipe inside the container after she left on Thursday. Sonnenberg said he was not at fault for Lopez becoming trapped and is considering pressing charges on her.

"She was slightly not… in a good state of mind to where we could talk to her and get good information,” said Cocoa Police Department public information officer Yvonne Martinez to NBC affiliate WESH.

“So it appears to be a case of wrong place, wrong time and nobody knew she was in there, so today, she started banging on the side walls and door of the shipping container. Someone fortunately heard her and that's how we were able to get to her."

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