Irish Woman Loses $820K Injury Claim After Being Photographed Winning Christmas Tree-Throwing Competition

The 36-year-old woman from Ireland said a car accident in 2017 left her unable to work and to care for her children, among other tasks.

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An Irish woman’s nearly $1 million insurance claim was thrown out by a judge, thanks to photos online that contradict her case.

Kamila Grabaska, 36, had her $820,000 claim dismissed in court after evidence surfaced of her winning a Christmas tree-throwing contest almost a year after a car accident she claimed caused her “debilitating pain,” per NBC News.

Grabaska claimed that the car accident in 2017 left her unable to lift heavy bags and kept her in bed on bad days because of pain in her back, neck, and thoracic spine, per disclosures made with Ireland’s High Court as reported by the Irish Independent newspaper. The woman alleged that she was unable to lift groceries, do chores, nor play with her two children.

Grabaska argued she couldn’t work for over five years due to the pain, seeking past and future loss of earnings through a lawsuit against RSA Insurance.

Her case took a turn when a photo of Grabaska in a newspaper showed her winning a Christmas tree-throwing contest almost a year after her accident. Another photo showed her smiling while holding a winner’s plaque.

During her cross-examination in court, Grabska said she still felt pain while launching the Christmas tree and smiled in the photos in an attempt to “live a normal life,” per the Irish Independent.

The judge presiding over the case dismissed the claim because the photos were “at odds” with the medical evidence Grabaska provided.

“I’m afraid I cannot but conclude the claims were entirely exaggerated,” said Judge Carmel Stewart.

A video of Grabaska play-wrestling with a big Dalmatian dog for up to 90 minutes last November was also reportedly played for the court.

A spokesperson for RSA Insurance stated that the majority of claims they handle are “genuine.” However, the firm said they were “very pleased” with the case’s outcome.

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