Bride Recalls Moment 74-Year-Old Father’s Pants Fell Down While Walking Her Down the Aisle

Not all superheroes wear capes, and not all fathers wear suspenders.

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Brides everywhere now have one more thing to worry about in light of a new viral video.

Sarah Grundman-Connors, 36, shared a PSA to her TikTok account of an incident that happened on her wedding day.

In the TikTok, she shared the moment where her dad, Leonard Grundman, 74, walked her down the aisle at her 2021 wedding and warned, “Make sure whoever is walking you down the aisle is wearing suspenders for this one reason.”

Grundman-Connors told People that the two made it halfway to the altar when he realized something was wrong.

“He told me that he was losing his pants,” she recalled to the publication. “I squeezed his hand and said ‘Hold them up with your right hand, we are almost there,’ and before we knew it, they were on the floor. The photographer 100% captured the moment- bent over, full moon.”


PSA to all the 2024 brides- whoever is walking you down the aisle make sure they’re wearing suspenders or a belt! #bride#wedding#bridesoftiktok#funny#fyp#bridal#humor#weddingsgonewrong #greenscreenvideo

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Her father, who had rented a suit for the wedding, fell ill two weeks before the big day and lost some weight. However, no one realized he had lost so much that his pants fit him too loosely.

“A lot of the times when you rent a suit, there are no belt loops,” Grundman-Connors said. “My dad has actually never been a suspenders guy, but the pants had loops and fasteners on each side that you could pull and tighten. All throughout my first look and family photos, they had held up pretty well, but over those two or three hours they must have come loose.”

The bride’s brother, who was also officiating the ceremony, also realized what was going down. She recalls the room went silent and prayed that her father’s underwear was clean.

“I was totally fine, I just wanted to make sure my dad was okay. As soon as he pulled his pants up and smiled, the entire room erupted in laughter and applause. I raised my flowers to signal we were okay and continued our walk,” she said.

Grundman-Connors continued, “If you were sitting on the aisle you had a front-row seat to the show. But for people standing towards the sides and middle they didn’t see it. After talking with my guests at cocktail hour a lot of them thought I had tripped and fell because of people gasping.” 

She explained that she shared the TikTok, which has gained nearly 300,000 views, for a good laugh and to help other brides make sure they’re prepared.

“I knew my dad would not care if I shared it and it has honestly become one of the best memories of my wedding day and for my family,” she revealed. “We love retelling the story and now that it is over and done we can look back and just smile.”

“Life is too short and I really wanted my wedding day to be laid back and really fun. I think that was one of the best ways it could have started to keep that theme going.”

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