A Recent Stephen Hawking Paper Paves the Way for Identifying Parallel Universes

The paper could lay the groundwork for finding evidence of a parallel universe.

Stephen Hawking

Image via Getty/Frederick M. Brown

Stephen Hawking

A new report shows that Stephen Hawking continued to produce groundbreaking work up to the time of his death. Just two weeks before the famous theoretical physicist died, he submitted a scientific paper that sets the theoretical foundation for unearthing a parallel universe, according to The Sunday Times newspaper.

Hawking appears as a co-author on the paper, titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation." It attempts to prove the “multiverse” theory, or the idea that many alternate universes other than our own exist. The latest revisions for the paper were approved on March 4, ten days before Hawking’s death last Wednesday. The contents of the theoretical study explain the math necessary for a “deep-space probe to collect evidence which might prove that other universes exist,” according to The Sunday Times. The paper will be published by an unnamed “leading journal” that will be revealed once review of the study is complete. 

The paper poses that evidence of other universes should be measurable using background radiation from the beginning of time. The other scientist who authored the paper, physics professor Thomas Hertog, said the paper attempts "to transform the idea of a multiverse into a testable scientific framework." 

Hertog reportedly met with Hawking just before getting the paper approved. If this study does end up being instrumental in the verification of the multiverse theory, then it will become one of the many reasons Hawking will go down as one of the greatest minds of all time.

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