Trump supporters are still holding out for the return of their president.

According to a new Politico-Morning Consult poll, three in 10 Republicans ​​​​surveyed—or 29 percent—believe that Trump will be restored to the Oval Office this year. Still, the poll found that most Americans have rejected that conspiracy theory, with 72 percent across all political ideologies saying it is “not very likely” or “not likely at all” that he will be reinstated, with 19 percent saying the opposite. Broken down by party, 61 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of independents, and 84 percent of Democrats say he won’t make a return—though 13 percent of Democrats said he will.

Trump and his cronies have reportedly been pushing the theory that he will be back in the White House by the end of the year. It seems that Trump even believes this himself.

“Trump has been telling a number of people he’s in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August (no that isn’t how it works but simply sharing the information),” New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted earlier this month when discussing Trump’s wishful thinking. She also reported that Trump is leaning on conservative media outlets to validate his conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being rigged.

Trump might also have his eye on the 2024 election: “The answer is I’m absolutely enthused. I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time,” he told Candace Owens last month.