Two Virginia police officers are the latest people to be arrested for their involvement in the Capitol riots.

Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson of the Rocky Mount Police Department posted photos of themselves within the Capitol and bragged about their involvement on social media. The two men are facing charges of knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Both Fracker and Robertson were put on administrative leave by their department once photos of the pair began to spread online.  The posts have since been deleted, but were captured by a Rocky Mount BLM activist.

The arrest of the two officers was reported by The Daily Beast. They included comments made by the pair on Facebook that were mentioned in the complaint.

"CNN and the Left are just mad because we actually attacked the government who is the problem and not some random small business ... The right IN ONE DAY took the fucking U.S. Capitol. Keep poking us,” Roberson wrote.

"Lol to anyone who’s possibly concerned about the picture of me going around... Sorry I hate freedom? Sorry I fought hard for it and lost friends for it? Not like I did anything illegal, WAY too much to lose to go there but, ya’ll do what you feel you need to lol,” Fracker, who has served in the US military, wrote in another post. “I can protest for what I believe in and still support your protest fro [sic] what you believe in. Just saying..after all, I fought for the right to do it."

Robertson spoke to the Richmond Times-Dispatch once the story broke of his involvement in the riot. He said he absolutely did not condone the violent actions of other rioters and was not involved in the more destructive acts.

"The Capitol building is as big as our town. Where I was at there was no violence. There was no fighting with police officers," he said. "The door was wide open and police officers were actually handing bottles of water out to people that came in."