Helena Duke, the daughter who quite famously outed her mother for being involved with the violent (and ultimately fatal) Capitol riot earlier this month, says the process of publicly identifying her family members as being involved with the chaos was a "liberating" experience.

Duke spoke with TMZ on Monday, recalling how she discovered her mother (and several other family members) were on the scene.

"[My mother] actually told me that she was going to get a medical procedure done with my aunt," she said. "I think she knew that what she was doing was wrong, maybe, so she turned her location off and went anyway. I would have no idea she was there if that video of her getting punched in the face wasn't viral on Twitter."

The video in question, as seen below, saw Therese Duke harassing a Black security guard outside the Freedom Plaza on the day before the insurrection. The guard ended up punching Therese in the face.

According to the Therese's daughter, the change from Democrat to MAGA cult member was a swift and troubling one.

"She had turned from a Democrat to a radically right person," the younger Duke said. "It was very unsettling. And the things that she would say, I was taken back by it. I was like, what are you talking about? Because she did come up with a lot of conspiracy theories."

Asked point blank if she has any regrets about outing her mother, Helena confirmed she does not.

"It's almost liberating what I did," she said. "My mom has been very mentally abusive my whole life and this was kind of like it going public, how she’s treated me. So I don’t think I have any regrets."