The labels on the back of hand sanitizer containers should definitely be taken seriously, especially after seven people reportedly died in Russia after drinking the sterilizing serum during a party.

According to TMZa group of 9 were partying in the country when they ran out of alcohol and turned to literal rubbing alcohol instead. The hand sanitizer that they consumed was manufactured in the country and had clear warning labels not to drink it. Seven of the nine who attended the gathering drank said hand sanitizer and died thereafter. Two other victims were rushed to the ICU and are currently in comas. The ages of those involved in the party reportedly range from 28 to 69.

A criminal investigation is also reportedly being launched in Russia to try and unearth why the group would decide to drink hand sanitizer in the first place, though it is unclear what might come from the investigation.

For some, such bizarre news may harken back memories of when former-President Donald Trump suggested that injecting bleach into your system could slow the spread of COVID-19. It should go without saying but, that is also not a good idea.