As Donald Trump's presidency comes to a close, members of the media have become increasingly heckled by his supporters.

 Years of disrespect promoted by Trump's administration started to boil over, leading to outbursts regarding the president's antics and his supporters. A New Jersey reporter went viral during the election for this very reason. 

While announcing Joe Biden's victory, local reporter, Alex Zdan, was interrupted by a Trump supporter. 

"Is this real news or fake news?" the supporter asked. This moved Zdan to respond with a phrase that sounded like "Fuck off." The interaction was recorded and made its way to TikTok and other social media platforms where it went viral. 

After the clip made its rounds, Zdan did what every good journalist should and stepped in to stop misinformation from spreading. Zdan further explained that he actually told the man to "buzz off" but the sentiment remains.

"Look I appreciate the social media love, but I told the guy behind me to BUZZ off when he interrupted me live on @news12," he wrote on Twitter. "But please respect members of the press who are doing their jobs, and telling your stories."

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