The San Diego police department is currently trying to convince a man to not jump from a roller coaster after he somehow scaled the closed ride and has been pacing on the top of it for over an hour now.

Per TMZ, police think the 21-year-old man might have climbed over the fence of the closed Belmont Park and somehow reached the top of the Mission Beach Roller Coaster this afternoon without anyone noticing. TMZ also reports that witnesses on the scene were saying that the man then began yelling his age and that he's "no fool" while threatening to jump from the nearly 75-foot coaster known as the Giant Dipper. As a small crowd began to gather around the closed park, San Diego police and the fire department arrived on the scene to try and stop the man from jumping.

As of an hour ago, the San Diego police are still working to talk the man off the roller coaster. There is still no word on what the negotiation team's progress has been to get him down, as the man is not sitting in a car but rather just standing and pacing at the top.

This story will be updated.

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