Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese does not, in fact, support Trump

Despite a claim from Trump during his first presidential debate against Joe Biden on Tuesday night that the "Portland sheriff" had come out that same day with a messaging stating "I support President Trump," Reese—whose Multnomah County territory includes the city of Portland—quickly rebutted this.

In a statement shared to his Twitter account, Reese said he has never "and will never" support Trump:

Later, Reese added that Trump has made his job "a hell of a lot harder" by routinely targeting Portland in his comments on protests:

As expected, among the vomitous things uttered during Tuesday night's debate were continued attacks from Trump on the very act of protest. Trump, also as expected, used this topic to let out one of his oft-repeated brand slogans—"law and order"—while again targeting Portland and other cities where support for his presidency is markedly lower.

Notably, Trump also refused to condemn white supremacists during the debate. Instead, Trump—when urged by Biden to condemn the Proud Boys group—said "Proud Boys, stand back and stand by."