A teacher in Jiaozuo, China was arrested last year after it was revealed that she poisoned more than 20 nursery students, sending them to the hospital after eating their morning breakfast. That same teacher was sentenced to death on Monday for crimes that were deemed by the court as "despicable and vicious."

BBC reports that teacher Wang Yun put sodium nitrite in the breakfast of her colleague's young students in an attempt to get revenge on them after a falling out. Out of the 25 children that she poisoned, one of the poisoned children died in January after spending 10 months in hospital. In the courts explanation for sentencing Yun to death, their official ruling read that Yun committed crimes that were "despicable and vicious, and the consequences of her crimes were extremely serious, and she deserves to be severely punished."

This also wasn't the first time Yun had poisoned someone, with the court citing another incident that happened earlier where she bought a similar drug online and proceeded to poison her husband who later survived.

This is also just the latest news in child mistreatment in kindergartens in certain cities in China. According to CNN,  Zhaojun Dingqi Kindergarten students in Hohhot were discovered to have needle-like marks on their bodies. It was eventually discovered that teachers in the school would puncture the children with "toothpicks" and "red needles" if they misbehaved in class, and then they would tell the kids not to tell their parents.