As many as seven people have been hospitalized following possible exposure to fentanyl during an incident that took place around noon on Sunday on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The California Highway Patrol says those taken to the hospital were exposed to a chemical substance thought to be fentanyl. Said exposure occurred during an attempt to aid/arrest a driver after their car stopped working on the bridge. The driver was suspected by fellow motorists to be drunk after their car swerved erratically across lanes before coming to a stop on the landmark's south end at about 11:45 a.m. 

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay, one of the officers who found the unconscious driver was also rendered unconscious after coming across a "white powdery substance" in the vehicle. 

Referencing the nasal spray used to try and counter drug effects and prevent overdoes, Barclay said that "two others on the scene — a CHP officer and a tow-truck driver — tried to help the first officer out of the car, and administered Narcan."

Narcan was also administered to the unconscious driver. 

In total, seven were taken to a local hospital due to exposure to this mystery powder that knocked people out. Those include: a bridge patrol officer, the aforementioned tow truck driver, the driver of the car that ignited the incident, and four highway patrol officers. 

Currently all seven are thought to be in stable condition. 

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