TikTok star Jacob Pina has now gone viral several times for having a very long right thumb.

The 21-year-old Westport, Massachusetts native’s thumb is normally around two inches, but can be "extended" up to 5.5 inches, BuzzFeed reports. Videos of Pina’s thumb aren’t new, with viral clips on TikTok and Instagram dating to the summer of 2019.

Pina first discovered that he could lengthen his thumb during his freshman year of high school. “I just dislocated my thumb, by forcing it out of its socket, to make it appear longer,” he told the outlet. “My doctor says it's abnormal but can't officially link it to any known medical conditions.” 

He added, “When I posted my first video to TikTok, I had no clue I'd get this sort of attention from it. People have mixed reactions, like disgusted, freaked out, or curious.”

Pina said he’s never experienced pain from extending his thumb. He's also revealed that his left thumb is one inch shorter than his right.

He joked that being able to lengthen his thumbs is a “useless superpower” in one TikTok video that earned over 5.6 million views.

In another video, Pina compared his thumb to a hot dog a.k.a. a glizzy.

And in another, he answered the question of why he isn’t the world champion of thumb wrestling.