Yet another video of a white woman confronting and harassing a Black man has gone viral, and this time it's because he was delivering food via Postmates. In the clip, which has been shared countless times on social media, Jordan Gipson can be seen attempting to make his delivery in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles when the woman, who isn't wearing a mask, refuses to let him into the apartment building to do so.

At first, the woman asks him why he was wearing a "green thing" over his face, referring to the face covering he was wearing on account of the coronavirus pandemic. She accused him of "hiding something," later asking him, "Is this a hold up or something?" When she started to block his entry into the building, she said, "I'm glad I was here. We don't buzz people in." When he continued to film the incident, she growled, "Don't point that shit at me."

He calmly informed her that he was just making a delivery, to which she replied, "Don't deliver anything here, we don't want you delivering. I don't want you here." 

Eventually, the customer who he was making the delivery to informs the woman over intercom that they were expecting a Postmates delivery. She asked the customer where they live in the building, as if it wasn't clear they live there from replying on the intercom, and offered to take it to the person's apartment. "I'm not letting this man in," she insisted in the video. When the customer asked her to identify herself, she snapped at the resident too. "I live here asshole and I pay rent here," she said, before she said to "get out of my building because you don't live here." She continued to double down on her stance, despite so much evidence to prove that she was so very, very wrong, 

"I don't want people buzzing him into my building," she added. Eventually the video concludes as the customer comes to collect his food. 

Postmates later responded to the incident in statement to McClatchy News, saying it "denounces racism, and is committed to the safety of everyone using our platform: couriers, businesses, and customers."

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