Sometimes the only way to teach people about social distancing is to fight them. 

Per TMZ, a brawl broke out at the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas because a few customers felt like other patrons weren't abiding by the social distancing guidelines.

In a video of the incident, viewers can see two women arguing. A Black woman sitting at the bar claims that the white woman's husband coughed on her. There seems to be another customer standing between the two women in an attempt to deescalate the situation. At one point, a man who appears to be the white woman's husband interjects himself into the conversation. This sparks the Black woman's partner to strike the white man in the head with a bottle. 

From there, chaos ensues. The two couples started putting hands and feet on each other while some bystanders either attempted to break it up or film the altercation. 

"All the restaurant employees were trying to help, they were just in shock like the rest of us," a witness, Seth Crews, told the local NBC affiliate. He went on to explain that the White man escalated the situation by proceeding to get closer to the Black couple. But, he feels that there is plenty of blame to go around.

"I think if just someone is telling you to stay away from them, you probably shouldn’t get near them, and maybe if you don’t want to get coronavirus, don’t go to a restaurant," he said. 

Sources tell TMZ that the two men were charged with battery. The Saltgrass Steak House has not commented on the situation.