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Allie's Donuts in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, has received threats after the store announced it wouldn't offer discounts for police officers anymore. In an Instagram video, owner Matt Drescher said he's now the only person working at the store due to his concerns for employee safety. When he made it clear he was against police brutality and systemic racism, Drescher and his employees started to get abusive comments online.

"Due to all of the unfortunate threats that we've gotten and just the climate that it is, a lot of the employees don't feel safe working here right now," he explained in an Instagram video. "I respect their choice, and they're safe at home. Nothing has happened to their job," he added. "I'm here right now, have the mixes on the table and I'm going to make as many [donuts] as I can."  

The police and military discount is just 10 percent, but apparently the show of solidarity in the fight against abusive police forces and racism is one step too far for some customers. While the store has received a lot of hate, he said that he wanted to stay open "because we do have a lot of supporters." He requested that if any of his supporters drive past the store, they honk their horn to let him know.

Allie's Donuts achieved national attention after Drescher took a stand against police brutality. "We're fed up," the company wrote in a previous message on Instagram. "Until local police take action to solve problems with racism and injustice, Allie's Donuts will choose to stand with the people of our great state." The post went viral, bringing support from Black Lives Matter activists and ire from idiots and racists.

On Sunday, Drescher donated all proceeds towards Rhode Island Communities for Justice, and the Providence Student Union and Amos House.