Washington state cops believe that fake nurses are committing porch piracy—a.k.a stealing packages from residents’ homes, TMZ reports.

The local police department in Kennewick, Washington shared images of two women in nursing scrubs who are going to various neighborhoods and grabbing packages in broad daylight. “Officers are currently investigating a case of porch piracy and need your help. Both suspects have been reported as stealing packages delivered to Kennewick residences,” the Kennewick Police Department wrote on Facebook.

KPD also pointed out that they don’t believe the suspects are real nurses, even though they’re outfitted in scrubs and gloves, and wearing lanyard badges. “The nurses we are fortunate to know only give their time, lives, and take the vitals of their patients (not their property),” the post adds.

According to TMZ, it appears that the women might be following delivery drivers. A resident whose package was stolen said she noticed in surveillance footage that one of the women arrived at the door just minutes after a FedEx driver delivered a package.

More and more people are having items delivered amid the global health crisis, and with such high demand, conditions for employees from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Whole Foods, Target, and FedEx have degraded. On May 1, workers from the aforementioned companies walked out on their jobs in an effort to make their employers institute better safety standards and allot more hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.