An argument over $10 turned into a fatal shooting in Middletown, Ohio.

According to the Dayton Daily News, 36-year-old John Booker and 24-year-old Dhameer Haamid Scott got into a fight at a home where Scott's father and Booker's mother live. Per court documents, Scott went to the home on Monday to give $30 to his younger brother. Later that day, Booker arrived at the home and took $10 from the money that was sitting on the shelf. Despite the urging of Scott's father, Booker refused to give the money back. 

The dispute prompted Scott's father, Desmont Johnson Sr, to call. When Scott returned on Monday night, he and Booker got into a verbal altercation that ended in Scott's death. 

"Johnson Sr. advised Dhameer Scott and another friend of Scott’s arrived together (at the residence) and Scott entered the residence with a gun in his hand," Detective Steve Winters wrote in documents that outline the incident. 

Police arrived to find Booker severely injured. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. Booker's mother called the police after Scott's father heard the gunshot. 

"Johnson Sr. stated he then heard a gunshot, and John Booker screamed out to call the police he had been hit," Winters' report continues. Police began looking for Scott on Tuesday. The search ended the following day when Scott turned himself in to the authorities, and he's now facing murder charges for Booker's death. 

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