Video shows Joe Biden lashing out at a union worker who challenged the former Vice President's stance on gun rights.

The tense exchange went down at an auto plant in Michigan on Tuesday, as state residents headed to the polls for the Democratic presidential primary. Biden, the current front-runner in the race, was filmed speaking to a group of union workers at the currently-under-construction assembly plant for Fiat Chrysler. During the campaign stop, one of the workers confronted Biden about his position on gun laws, and accused the former VP of "trying to end our Second Amendment right."

"You're full of shit," Biden was filmed telling the man, before shushing an advisor who tried to intervene. Biden went on to contend, "I support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment—just like right now, if you yelled 'fire,' that's not free speech. And from the very beginning, I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge. My sons hunt. Guess what? You're not allowed to own any weapon. I'm not taking your gun away at all."

"We're going to take your AR-14s," Biden continued, mistakenly referring to the AR-15. He added to the man, "Don't tell me that, pal, or I'm going to go outside with your ass."

"You're working for me, man!" the worker fired back.

"I'm not working for you," Biden said. "Don't be such a horse's ass."

"Why are you advocating for assault rifles when people are dying by handguns?" the man asked Biden, who then began to walk away.

Biden, like many Democrats, is a supporter of univeral background checks and has proposed a federal voluntary buyback program for assault weapons. 

You can check out reactions to Biden's heated exchange below.

This wasn't the first time Biden was filmed losing his cool with a voter. In November, he told an immigration activist to go "vote for Trump" after the person pointed out the massive deportations that occurred under the Obama administration. In December, Biden called an Iowa man a "damn liar" when he was questioned about his son Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine. And during a February campaign in New Hampshire, Biden called a woman "a lying dog-faced pony soldier" when she asked him to explain his poor performance in the Iowa caucus.

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