Good Samaritans who regularly patronize a popular Houston restaurant reportedly doled out a $9,400 tip on a meal that cost $90.12, setting a new 10,000 percent gratuity standard that may be difficult for the rest of us to match. 

That massive wad was intended to help staff get through the coronavirus. The ongoing pandemic that has stolen nearly every headline fucked with the lives of all but the most agoraphobic of us but it's been especially difficult on the restaurant/hospitality industry. 

CNN reports that a couple stopped into Irma's Southwest on Monday to get in an early dinner after they found out that every single restaurant in the county would have to close dinner rooms, by government decree, from March 17 until at least April 1.

The couple then gave up the massive gratuity that was intended for the restaurant's entire kitchen and service staff. 

Restaurant owner Louis Galvan told CNN that $1,900 was left in cash, and another $7,500 was shelled out by way of credit card. Furthermore, the couple wanted to remain anonymous. 

The husband put a note on the receipt that said: "hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks." According to Galvan, the restaurant intends to divide the money up amongst 30 employees, which would leave them each with about $313 and change. 

The ban on dining services is set to last for at least 15 days. That at least is the worst part. In the meantime, like a lot of places, they'll offer carry-out.