An American Airlines passenger is preparing to sue the company for allegedly slandering her over a viral seat reclining incident

Per TMZ, Wendi Williams met with her attorneys to discuss a possible defamation lawsuit against American Airlines. Williams claims that the story the airlines released regarding a disagreement over her reclined seat is false. 

Earlier this week, Williams claims that she was assaulted by another passenger because he was repeatedly hitting the back of her reclined seat. She uploaded a video of the man punching her headrest to social media and it went viral. Although she contacted American Airlines and the company apologized to her, Williams wants the man to be prosecuted. 

In response, the airlines tried to explain the chain of events that happened before the video was taken. A rep told TMZ that Williams reclined her seat, causing the man to spill his drink. This prompted the flight attendant to replace his beverage in hopes to defuse the situation. That didn't seem to calm either party as the man continued to punch the back of her seat and Williams insisted he was getting preferential treatment by receiving a new drink. 

American Airlines' description of the situation didn't sit well with Williams. She claims that she didn't knock over his drink, but even if she did, it would've been an accident and not that big of a deal. As a result, she's contemplating suing the company and demanding that American Airlines pay for her medical bills as the punching could have damaged her vertebrae.  

"They have pushed me way too far, literally and figuratively," Williams said to TMZ about American Airlines and her lawsuit. 

American Airlines isn't fazed by Williams' threats. An insider claims that Williams reached out to demand compensation, but the company refused because it doesn't handle passenger vs. passenger disputes. It also won't put together a legal complaint. American Airlines informed Williams that it is on her to contact the proper authorities if she wants to see the man prosecuted.