This week sweet footage of a javelina sprinting through the streets of Tucson, Arizona was gifted to the social media masses. The clip is actually pretty captivating. It's unfortunate that it only lasts for 12 seconds, but one assumes red lights got in the way:

Actually let's say it's very unfortunate that it only last 12 seconds, because watching the pig boar javelina run to music is enough to entertain even the most jaded internet writer who would never log on again if he ever won the lottery. Someone even liked it so much they based an account on it.

Ride that wave.

Said famous...javelina (do these things even have synonyms?) footage paired with tunes is so good that you genuinely won't even mind that it's the same joke every time.

Check out a sampling of some of the best below: 

Very good, very good. Now back to ignoring Tucson.