A group of New Yorkers embraced the city's fast pace lifestyle to create a Friendsgiving that will go down in history. 

On Sunday, videos started to surface on Twitter showing passengers taking over a car on the L train. Yet instead of this being a mid-transit performance or any other random thing that happens on the subway, these people decided to turn the car into a wholesome Thanksgiving feast. 

It appears like this meal wasn't limited to one group of friends. In the clips, people can be seen giving plates of food to anyone that happens to get lucky enough to stumble into the train car. 

Of course, all good things have to be tainted by a sense of reality. While some Twitter users were impressed by the generosity, other New Yorkers took this opportunity to remind people what normally happens on these trains. The cars that are inhabited by millions of people a day are a breeding ground for bacteria and pests. As a result, a New York City train car probably isn't the healthiest place to enjoy a meal.