A 55-year-old Florida man wasn’t pleased when his furniture arrived later than he expected, so he drew a gun on the delivery men while saying, “You know, I’ve shot people for less.” 

Mitchell Helton was subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated assault and is still in jail on bonds equaling $5,000, the Bradenton Herald reports.

According to authorities, the deliverymen told Helton they were en route with his order from Furniture Warehouse. When they arrived at Helton’s home, they found the door ajar. After they called to see if he was home, Helton told them he was upset it had taken them so long to deliver his items.

The men asked Helton if he wanted the furniture, to which he responded, “Do whatever you want,” as he went back to his bedroom. While they began unloading the furniture, Helton allegedly approached them with a gun and pointed it at them.

The men began to talk Helton down and told him how he could file a complaint. The men were still unpacking and delivering the furniture even with the gun pointed at them. According to the Herald, at first, they “dismissed his action as a show of anger toward the late delivery” but later called the police.

Helton told authorities he was surprised by people coming into his home and fetched his gun to defend himself. However, he struggled with supplying a consistent story. Helton conceded to accosting the men with the gun, but couldn’t explain why he did it, and also couldn’t explain why he called Furniture Warehouse instead of 911 if he thought he was unsafe.