Dr. Dennis Kelly, a campus doctor at the University of Southern California, saw male patients every day over the course of 20 years. Many of the men were as young as 18-years-old and either struggling with their sexuality at the time of their visits or uncomfortable discussing sex. 48 of the former patients, who are either gay or bisexual, say Kelly sexually abused them in the exam room, BuzzFeed News reports. 

According to the men who have come forward, Kelly allegedly fondled their genitals, made inappropriate remarks, or subjected them to unnecessary rectal exams during which he made them kneel naked on the table. One of the former patients told the outlet that Kelly inserted a metal instrument into his anus and then leaned forward and whispered: "How often do you let your partner cum in you?"

50 former patients are now suing USC and Dr. Kelly. In February, six male graduates filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against USC's student health clinic, accusing Kelly of sexual battery and harassment. During an interview with the Los Angeles TimesKelly maintained that he never committed the crimes the students have accused him of. “I can’t second-guess or question anything I’ve done,” he said. “I know I did it all professionally and without any other motive.”

Five of the men who were subjected to Kelly's sexual abuse told the university about his misconduct, and only two of them initially heard back. One of the students who was subjected to USC's negligence says it wasn't until the first suit against Kelly was filed earlier this year that the university followed up on his complaint. One student sat down with the director of the health center to warn her about Kelly's sordid behavior, to no avail. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, USC received even more complaints in the four years leading up to Kelly's departure from the university in July 2018. 

The allegations against Kelly arrive amid a series of other high-profile incidents that have implicated USC, including the nation-wide college admissions bribery scandal. Given several students claim they reported Kelly's misconduct to USC, the institution is being accused of prioritizing its image over the wellbeing of its student body.

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